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Central Florida gets BIGGER in Texas

Recently, Alexis "GOBLIN" Stennett was brought out to Texas to compete in STANDOFF — a new up and coming tournament that is well-poised to become one of the region's biggest events. Texas has its share of big players, and Goblin faced his share of them — including wins over Trela, Wisdom, MuteAce, and Yeti. Even though Goblin went into losers against DeluxeMenu, he climbed all the way (including an INSANE comeback) to Grand Finals against Nevermore Esports' ELEGANT. This was on top of him taking 2nd in Doubles and also playing in Squads. Goblin came out with 23 total wins for the whole weekend. It was such a well put together event and some really intense SSBU action. Goblin left Texas feeling the Ape Prime Esports effect and we are sure he will be back soon!

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